Four Tet reworks the ethereal Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, drops off two new originalsScreen Shot 2017 11 07 At 6.33.38 PM

Four Tet reworks the ethereal Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, drops off two new originals

Two of modern electronica’s grandest composers — Four Tet and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — are both fresh off critically-acclaimed albums.

New Energy and The Kid, respectively, will likely stand as two of the year’s most transcendent, poignant, and accessible experimental full-lengths. Thus, it would seem apropos for the two to work together. Luckily, it seems Smith and Four Tet agree with this sentiment, as now, the latter has unleashed a dazzling remix of Smith’s “I Will Make Room For You,” off her latest album The Kid. 

Four Tet elevates Smith’s enchanting vocals on the reworking, delivering listeners to a state of pure bliss. Near halfway through, the remix exudes a pleasant trance, wrapping listeners in Smith’s vocals amongst heightened cerebral melodies.

On top of the new reworking, Four Tet also shared two new tracks on Spotify. The enveloping tracks each are named with inconceivable symbols, something Four Tet has frequently done in the past, just before sharing his new work, New Energy. 

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