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Gammer puts psytrance spin on SLANDER’s ‘Superhuman’

British DJ/producer Matt Lee, better known as Gammer, is one guy who doesn’t stick to one signature sound. One thing listeners can attest to, though, is that he drops rapid, heavy beats. Making huge strides over the past few months with an exclusive BBC Radio 1 Diplo & Friends mix as well as hit collabs with rising producers such as Kayzo and Darren Styles, Gammer delves into the psytrance phenomenon with an exclusive remix for SLANDER‘s hit single off Monstercat, “Superhuman.”

As to be expected, Gammer drastically speeds up the tempo from the original, yet maintains the beauty and suspense of Eric Leva’s vocals over smooth piano chords on the verses. However, the psytrance has to meddle its way in at some point, which Lee introduces perfectly with loud, high-pitched synths trance fans all know and love leading into a silent, yet hard-hitting drop bound to make its way into a SLANDER-esque festival set.

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