Introducing Savant’s new alias, VinterVinter

Introducing Savant’s new alias, Vinter

Porter Robinson isn’t the only artist trying on new production styles under a new alias. Recently, Prydz added another production credit to his résumé with a forthcoming EP (out Nov. 13) under his Tonja Holma moniker. Now, Savant is ditching his glitchy, experimental style in favor of a more melodic, mainstream sonic direction under a new alias: Vinter. The new side project comes as Aleksander Vinter’s second production alias, behind his Datakrash alias.

The LA-based musician hailing from Norway has concocted the alias to unleash a future bass-oriented track with R&B/hip-hop appeal, titled “Online.” Featuring thumping bass lines, pop-driven melodies, and heavily synthesized vocals styled in the vein of Akon or Trey Songz, “Online” is oddly creative with its underlying satirical meaning. The lyrics, while kitschy on the surface, are a commentary on everyday life in our shallow 21st century age of Twitter and Tinder.

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