Jauz officially launches Bite This label with first compilation [STREAM]OffTheDeepEndVol1 BiteThis Jauz

Jauz officially launches Bite This label with first compilation [STREAM]

Jauz‘s ‘Sharksquad’ has a sizeable new release to sink its teeth into.

Off The Deep End Vol. 1 surfaces as the first release on Jauz’s newly established label, Bite This. The 12-track compilation features four Jauz originals — “Claim to Be,” “The Game,” “I Hold Still (ft. Crankdat),” and “Alpha” — that serve as the basis for the compilation’s seven remixes.

Off The Deep End Vol. 1 sees remixes of the Jauz originals delivered by a range of re-imaginers, including Sikdope and LAXX.

“I was walking to the stage to play my first show in Beijing and I heard Alpha come in on the sound system at this festival, and I knew I had to remix it,” LAXX says of his rousing rework, “I loved the original chords in the intro and the electro vibes. I got back to the hotel and knew what I wanted to do. The rest is history.”

A bonus synth-worked single ft. GG Magree, “Ghost” functions as the cherry atop the compilation. The first extended installment in Jauz’s next musical chapter, Off The Deep End Vol. 1 is a shining sample of the fledgling label’s early potential.

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