Kllo debut first LP, ‘Backwater’Kllo Backwater

Kllo debut first LP, ‘Backwater’

Australian duo Kllo have just released their debut LP Backwater, a follow up to their previous EPs, Well Worn and Cusp. The Ghostly International artists — and also cousins — combine for a strikingly confident and eclectic record that makes full use of the full length format.

Immediately obvious is the duo’s breadth of styles, fusing disparate influences into a cohesive, unique final product. The effortlessness with which Chloe Kaul delivers her vocals is surpassed only by her ability to imbue them with emotion, while Simon Lam’s amorphous productions swirl underneath — simultaneously creating a foundation for Kaul to take center stage while also allowing his own prodigious abilities to shine. The 12-track LP is indicative of a new level of maturity from Kllo and portends even greater things to come.

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