Louisahhh unleashes fervent, punk rock bliss on new track ‘Trap,’ ahead of upcoming EPArtwork Louisahhh ATrapIveBuilt

Louisahhh unleashes fervent, punk rock bliss on new track ‘Trap,’ ahead of upcoming EP

Since the inception of Louisahhh’s earth-shattering RAAR techno imprint alongside Maelstrom in 2015, the French luminary has risen above her contemporaries as one of the most hauntingly evocative acts in the world.

Unmistakable in her deliverance, Louisa Pillot intertwines punk rock and techno as if the two were a match made in heaven. With each new release, and her own vocals spliced throughout, Pillot doubles down on the cataclysmic world from which she exudes sonic energy.

Presently, she surpasses the aforementioned adverse nature of her previous tunes. Her latest offering exudes her heaviest sonic embracement and introspectiveness to date with both its heavy guitar and eerily packed vocals.

“‘A Trap I’ve Built’ is an intentionally brutal body of work. Wading through murky themes of rape culture, addiction, masochism and deprivation, whatever isn’t explicitly lyricised bleeds through in a sonic ambush. It is my intention that listening to these songs, or DJing them, should be an experience that leaves the audience a little shaken up, something they can feel in their teeth,” she said of the number.

“Trap” is the lead track off her A Trap I’ve Built EP, and if the tumultuous selection serves as any indication, listeners will surely want to be sitting down when they hear the remaining tantalizing tunes for the first time.

A Trap I’ve Built will be released on December 1. Preorder here.


  1. “Hey Trouble”
  2. “To Me Right Now”
  3. “Trap”
  4. “Line”
  5. “Like A Vice”

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