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Bad Royale down to a trio as fourth member leaves group

LOUDPVCK is not the only entity dropping a pin in ‘Splitsville’ this week.

Bad Royale is officially down a member, the former electronic group of four members announcing its size reduction in a tweet. “New us, who dis?” the tweet asks, accompanied by an image of three cartoon men.

The missing fourth cartoon member led numerous Bad Royale fans to respond to the tweet, with many questioning what happened to the fourth artist. Bad Royale responded by stating that the fourth and noticeably missing member is “not a part of the group anymore. He’s left to work on his solo career,” the trio wrote.

While Bad Royale did not overtly specify that Maor Levi was the departing member of the group, Levi tweeted thereafter about the slew of “new Maor Levi stuff in the making,” suggesting that he indeed has left the group to pursue a solo career.

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