Miguel puts a fresh spin on ’80s R&B with new track, ‘Told You So’Da89876239fa7b7310399086cabf62e5b8cf38c4

Miguel puts a fresh spin on ’80s R&B with new track, ‘Told You So’

Miguel routinely outshines his contemporaries. He’s most comfortable as a musical shapeshifter. After all, his work has largely drawn from eclectic, complex masterminds like Marvin Gaye and Prince — both very much challengers of the status quo in their own right. Much like Gaye and Prince, Miguel packaged his traditionalist R&B hits with standout qualities and, in turn, furthered the stance of R&B as a whole. Just take a look at his phenomenal 2012 album Kaleidoscope Dream, with its hits like “Adorn” and “Do You…” or even his flirtatious rock n’ roll record Wildheart, his most recent work from 2015.

Undoubtedly, Wildheart had its moments, but for an audience that knew Miguel as a venerable R&B singer, he had pushed the envelope a bit far. Thankfully, Miguel possesses amorphous musical qualities, and since then has returned to his R&B roots with vivacious flair.

Miguel will be releasing a new album, War & Leisure, December 1 and so far he’s dropped off a pair of effervescent singles.

“Sky Walker,” the new album’s lead single featuring Travis Scott, was the first, which is a bright number, much akin to his beloved, “Adorn.” Now, Miguel drops off an ’80s-tinged — complete with synth stabs and electric guitar — track titled “Told You So.”

“I don’t want to control you/ I want to set you free,” he belts out. “Just come with me.” Miguel’s pairing of instruments — electric guitars on the upbeat parts and his seismic croons for the chorus — demonstrates just how balanced his music can be. These qualities were precisely what catapulted the singer to stardom and will surely give way to a prodigious assemblage of tracks on War & Leisure — an excellent name for an album whose artist’s very music exudes said multitudes.

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