Pegboard Nerds drop ‘Another Round’ featuring KrewellaPegboard Nerds Krewella Another Round

Pegboard Nerds drop ‘Another Round’ featuring Krewella

It’s been a long time coming, but Pegboard Nerds‘ “Another Round” with Krewella is finally here. The two superstar duos have collaborated on a number of tracks over the years, but had left one unfinished until now.

“Another Round” showcases Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf’s empowered vocals layered over top of a playful house beat. It’s reminiscent of both artists’ early days breaking into the dance music scene, focused on creating an atmosphere where listeners can escape their problems and live in the music.

Turns out “Another Round” has been a long time coming, too. Pegboard Nerds shared their thoughts on how the track came to fruition.

“We actually started producing ‘Another Round’ in Hollywood over 2 years ago, together with Krewella and Fernando Garibay at his studio. At the time it was decided to let the track sit for a while as we were writing even more songs and decided to focus on a different sound and direction. The track kind of stuck with us all though, and finally we were able to complete it and put it out the way we intended it to sound!”

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