Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self Twitter account tweets out telling phone number

Porter Robinson‘s mysterious Virtual Self project is slowly gaining clarity. Days ago, a Reddit user shared what appeared to be a poster advertising the first live Virtual Self performance, uncovered in Brooklyn after a recent Madeon show.

Robinson’s Virtual Self alias has only continued to garner attention, tweeting a phone number at 12 PM on November 7. The tweet was deleted not long after its posting, but the number, linked to Lake Park, Iowa remains active. When dialed, the number plays an existential pre-recorded message that Reddit user, admiraldaniels has transcribed in a Reddit comment here.


The phone number and message are representative of Robinson’s gradual underground exposition of Virtual Self, a revelation that for now, seems designed to depend exclusively on verbal, viral advertising. While this type of promotion can have its detriments — what with its lack of concrete physical evidence — Robinson’s elusive publicity strategy has already proved successful, amplifying curiosity among fans. Those interested in trying their hand at deciphering the mysterious phone message may call (712)-432-4609.

H/T: EDMTunes

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