Shinola makes fashionable foray into headphone design

Originally a Detroit-based watch manufacturer, Shinola has since expanded its production to include items ranging from bikes to wallets, and now, headphones. Shinola’s first foray into headphone design will culminate in four different pairs of headphones: a wired over-ear (Canfield Over-Ear) and wired on-ear (Canfield On-Ear) set of headphones that will immediately become available for retail, and two wired in-ear pairs slated for release next month.


Photo Credit: The Verge

Both Canfield models are made with a stainless steel and leather aesthetic, designed to be both tasteful in appearance, and durable in utility. Keeping consistent with the production of its other products, Shinola assembles the sleek headphones in Detroit. The Canfield On-Ear and Canfield Over-Ear headphones are both currently available for purchase, with the Over-Ear style priced at $650, and the On-Ear style at $495. Those interested in purchasing a pair of the sleek new Shinola branded ear wear may do so here.

H/T: The Verge

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