Sundae Sauuce drops ‘Strawberry Drizzle’ compilationSundae Sauuce Strawberry Drizzle

Sundae Sauuce drops ‘Strawberry Drizzle’ compilation

With its release party announced back in October, Sundae Sauuce‘s second compilation, Strawberry Drizzle, is finally here. With additions from Birocratic and Moods released in the lead up, fans now have access to the compilation’s full 16 tracks.

The compilation runs the gamut of genres from chillhop, funk, disco, and many more — and manages to feature a number of promising producers. The likes of Flamingosisquickly, quickly, Ian Ewing, Engelwood, The Kount, Brock Berrigan, falcxne, and many more all make the cut and drop off of grooving tracks. Whether looking to chill or set the dance floor ablaze, Strawberry Drizzle has something for everyone.

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