The U.S. has the most record shops in the worldScreen Shot 2017 11 08 At 3.33.45 PM

The U.S. has the most record shops in the world

When it comes to vinyl, the U.S. seems to have set its own record.

Music database Discogs and its ‘sister site’ VinylHub have determined that the United States is the host of the most record shops in the world, with 1,482 total vinyl-selling storefronts. The United Kingdom trailed behind the US with 537 shops, with Germany coming in third with 453.

When Discogs and VinylHub narrowed its focus to specific cities, Tokyo emerged as the city with the highest number of record stores, at 93 total shops. Berlin followed with 87, and London with 79.

The top three U.S. cities were New York with 47 shops, Chicago with 30, and Los Angeles with a close 29. Berlin surfaced as the site with the ‘densest cluster of shops in the world,’ where 46 record shops exist within a kilometer of each other. Discogs and VinylHub’s results indicate that even in the digital age, vinyl remains a preeminent musical form.

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