Virtual Self fans uncover messages in Virtual Self website source code

Porter Robinson‘s new alias, Virtual Self, is anything but a surface level project. The hidden complexities of the acutely styled alter ego continue to pique the collective curiosity of Robinson’s following, prompting Robinson fans to dig deeper into the elusive nature of Virtual Self.

Virtual Self “investigators” at the producer’s dedicated subreddit page have uncovered more mystifying information about Robinson’s latest venture after directing their attention to Virtual Self’s official website. The multi-dimensional interactive webpage only further contributes to Virtual Self’s aural aesthetic. Two of Virtual Self’s officially released singles, “Eon Break” and “Ghost Voices,” play as existential phrases like “Breathe this soul particle” and “Choose your virtual echo” spell across the website’s tab.

In Virtual Self’s intricate style, the Virtual Self website proves two-fold — webpage viewers are redirected to another Virtual Self site upon clicking on the phrase “Am I eternal?” The secondary site is a minimalistic forum page featuring a variety of topics that range from “Surface Reality” to “Becoming echo.”

Appropriately mystified by both Virtual Self sites, Robinson’s fan base has examined the secondary site’s source code, the probe yielding some peculiar findings. The website’s source code contains not only hidden imagery and text, but a link to a 360-degree six-second video that displays a series of unintelligible grey flashes.


VirtualSelf-Site 2

While the significance of the embedded information currently remains unclear, the impending release of Virtual Self’s debut EP on November 29 could further elucidate the meaning of the obscured intelligence.

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