Will Clarke drops dusky new EP, ‘Give Me Your Love’ [STREAM]Screen Shot 2017 11 17 At 9.58.23 AM

Will Clarke drops dusky new EP, ‘Give Me Your Love’ [STREAM]

Will Clarke rolls up his sleeves to perform some dirty “house” work on his new EP, Give Me Your Love. Comprised of two tracks, the eponymous “Give Me Your Love” and “Ain’t No Ho,” the EP embraces and extends the pulsating house aesthetic that Clarke has developed across singles like “My Body” and Clarke fan favorite, “Booty Percolatin’.”

A track destined for dance floor interaction, “Give Me Your Love” intersperses high frequency sonic sounds among the song’s head bobbing beat and echoing percussive elements. “Ain’t No Ho” alternatively arises as an investment in a more viscous rhythmic progression, punctuated by a looping vocal hook.

If anything is certain, it’s that love won’t be in short supply after listeners stream Will Clarke’s latest.

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