ZHU shares mystifying official music video for ‘Exhale/Stardust’Screen Shot 2017 11 06 At 10.11.13 AM

ZHU shares mystifying official music video for ‘Exhale/Stardust’

An undisputed master of aesthetic, ZHU cultivates the anomalous in his music video for “Exhale/Stardust.”

A production that unfolds in stages, the infrared styled video indulges in rhythm, the two protagonists of the video keeping their bodies in time not only with the song’s beat, but with each other. Cinematic shots of a female running and riding a motorcycle in synchronicity with the track’s rhythmic progression contribute to the video’s sleek visual and sonic advancement. Emblematic of the dark quality that characterizes ZHU’s EP, stardustexhalemarrakechdream, the video takes an inexplicable turn, diverting its focus from its pregnant female protagonist to her in utero fetus. In true ZHU fashion, the production is both odd and sublime.

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