Computer Magic stuns with unforgettable synth-pop single ‘Amnesia’CM Promo Credit Chad Kamenshine 1512364536

Computer Magic stuns with unforgettable synth-pop single ‘Amnesia’

In 2010, Danielle “Danz” Johnson was named one of Stereogum’s “Bands to Watch” for her Computer Magic synth-pop moniker.

Johnson’s astral productions first blossomed as a passtime between school assignments at just 21-years-old and seemed to gather inspiration from both the moving and the mundane. Other tracks like “Electronic Fences,” were inspired by more existential concerns; here, post-apocalyptic Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

Since the early attention, Johnson’s only managed to pick up speed. Now with four full-length albums under her belt, the sultry synth-pop composer is taking off running with a galvanizing, sci-fi-tinged new single—a taste of a forthcoming full-length.

The aptly titled Danz will follow her 2015 album Davos and is likely to be her most stunning release to date.

Ahead of the new record, she’s graced listeners with this lead single “Amnesia.” Contrastingly unforgettable in its synth roulades and swirling arpeggios, “Amnesia” is a pearlescent testament to the artist’s sonic growth. It’s a tune that deeply intertwines the beloved bedroom elements that soundtracked her rise, albeit it with an expectedly nuanced, Japanese Breakfast-esque flair.

Danz Tracklist:

1 “Amnesia”
2 “Nebraskaland”
3 “Ordinary Life (Message From an A.I. Girlfriend)”
4 “Delirium (Don’t Follow The Sheep)”
5 “Teegra”
6 “Perfect Game”
7 “Data”
8 “Space and Time / Pale Blue Dot”
9 “Drift Away”
10 “Clouds”

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