The Glad Scientist releases album made entirely in VRGlad

The Glad Scientist releases album made entirely in VR

Ever wonder what it would be like to peer over the top of Mount Everest? What about walking through a tribal village in the year 3600 B.C? VR has the power to do just that —through technology, programmers allow users to perceive distinct realities through the lens of their own subjective consciousness. It was only a matter of time before electronic musicians began to get their hands on VR technologies and utilize it in increasingly innovative ways. For instance, LCD Soundsystem recently previewed the launch of their new VR experience, ‘Dance Tonite’ and Boiler Room and Google have partnered on their very own VR nightclub.

On the release of their debut album, バーチャルボーイ(Virtualboy), The Glad Scientist experiments with the foundational aspects of VR music production — navigating a technologically constructed space in order to create masterful electronic tracks. Over seven full length tracks, The Glad Scientist constructs unique sonic worlds with distinct personalities, each with their own characteristic texture. Some tracks are ethereal and airy — full of ambiance — others offer moody techno sequences that grow increasingly complex, ultimately fizzing into a droning haze. The Glad Scientist’s debut VR album is an audacious effort to fuse VR capabilities with EDM production, and the final outcome reflects their noteworthy artistic ingenuity.

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