Heathered Pearls unveils an exuberant apex of ambient techno on ‘Detroit, MI 1997-2001’Heathered Pearls Detroit Ep Ghostly

Heathered Pearls unveils an exuberant apex of ambient techno on ‘Detroit, MI 1997-2001’

The Ghostly International artist Heathered Pearls has released an exuberant techno EP — Detroit, MI 1997-2001 — that acts as a follow up to his 2015 album Body Complex and a more recent remix of Tycho‘s “Divison.”

Detroit, MI 1997-2001 is a love letter to the city of Detroit. It’s a pulsating melange of both meandering and meticulously crafted ambient techno, pulsating in a fashion that’s very much akin to its Midwestern rave memories. For the project’s Jakub Alexander, “The music pulses like a memory resurfacing, vivid but inexact: a form both familiar and new.”

Immediately obvious in the EP is Alexander’s varied and poised production style. Hailing from a diverse city and serving as an A&R head of a label likely lend way to such accomplishments, but it’s a stunning display of explorative cohesion nonetheless.

Between the swirling atmosphere of “Under The Bridge” to the artist’s befitting sinisterness of “The Packard Plant,” Heathered Pearls solidifies his amorphous production capabilities on Detroit, MI 1997-2001, all while honoring an illustrious city that’s lent its way to this pearlescent moniker.

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