Ibiza’s San Antonio council proposes new attempt to severely restrict nightlifePlaya Den Bossa Beach Ibiza

Ibiza’s San Antonio council proposes new attempt to severely restrict nightlife

Despite a recent report that Ibiza’s tourism is at an all-time high, the west side of the island appears to be on the losing side of the battle when it comes to nightlife restrictions.

As reported by Resident Advisor, Ibiza’s San Antonio council has just proposed a closing time of 3AM for all clubs and bars in the area, which would reduce closing times from 5 AM in the summer and 6 AM in the winter significantly.

The proposal is the latest restriction aimed at limiting noise pollution in and around the West End, a zone popular among tourists. It follows a bed cap on the island and ban of live music at several venues altogether.

If the rules pass, bars and clubs will not only need to adhere to the rules, but outdoor bar terraces will also be forced to shut by 11 PM. The proposal will also require that all late-night establishments in the West End install soundproofing measures. Essentially, all institutions will need double doors, sound limiters, and airtight windows.

While it’s not expected to come into play until early February, if passed, the rules could potentially turn the west end into a Special Acoustic Protection Zone and have enormous implications on the busy season to follow.


H/T: Resident Advisor


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