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Ilario Alicante thrills on new Drumcode release, ‘Figures & Echoes’

From the time of his fervent Time Warp debut at just 15 years old, Ilario Alicante has knocked out a lifetime of accomplishments. Between his prodigious productions for Sven Väth‘s Cocoon Recordings, the expansive techno label Cécille Records, or Dubfire‘s premiere SCI + TEC Digital Audio label; Alicante has displayed time and time again just how much he’s earned his well-established posture.

In 2009, he began the underground Berlin record label Deep Moves, where he has since worked with cutting-edge acts like ghetto legend Parris Mitchell, Ryan Elliot, Leon, and more, rounding out an eclectic platform on forward-thinking dance music in the interim.

Over the years, Alicante has been continuing to satiate fans with original releases and remixes alike. In February of this year, he released a debut EP on Adam Beyer‘s Drumcode Records, and now, he returns to the powerhouse imprint with a dazzling six-track deliverance.

Though Alicante’s first release on Drumcode was his original  “Temporary,” and was featured on Drumcode’s A-Sides compilation back in 2016, his latest release — Figures & Echoes — delves deeper into his polished production propensity than any previous work with the label. It’s an electrifying half dozen of galvanizing cuts.

As “Figure of RA” commences the sonic venture, a vehement vocal loop snakes its way beneath the meticulously concocted, sweltering rhythm; Alicante’s production prowess is immediately put on full display. The aptly-named “The Acid Runner” follows with a piercing 303-line, which only continues to build on itself as the track nears its denouement. “Virgo’s Echoes” and “Third Eye” each imbue an exhilarating dosage of hypnotic raze nostalgia.

“Atonal” comes in as the fourth track of the EP, and feels like an incredibly appropriately-placed number. It’s made for morning raves, delightful in its mesmerizing qualities, and manages to still leave its listener hungry for more. The final track on the EP is surely the funkiest of the six, but it’s an experimental testament to one of techno’s most tantalizing figures — echoing the notion that we’re likely to see big things from Alicante in the new year.



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