Jeroen Search releases assertive ‘Endless Circles’ EPCS668921 01A BIG

Jeroen Search releases assertive ‘Endless Circles’ EP

Jeroen Search is one of underground techno’s most elusive figures. The producer and DJ is known for his thunderous live sets and obscure production M.O., among other things. Legend has it, Search records all of his tracks in one single take and completes all of his post production editing live—a rarity among contemporary producers.

Search has been producing music since the mid nineties and has never faltered from his artistic mission: creating techno that adheres to the highest possible standards of excellence.

His newest EP, Endless Circles, is a testament to his austere artistic commitment. Opening track “Deduced” is fittingly minimalist. As the title suggests, Search forsakes the ostentatious production techniques utilized in popular techno for his own candid orchestration. On “Steady Pulse” Search equips himself with a refined production method and simplistic narrative style. At once, the producer is proving himself able to construct a singular sonic world with nothing but the bare essentials, establishing himself as a riveting techno auteur, and holding listeners attention with the alluring draw of unpredictable noise.

Follow the EP closely and its humanistic qualities begin to shine through the industrial cracks in the ceiling. When light floods in, it bares the profound realization that such mechanical drum samples such as the ones on “Interval” are but a marionette and Search is tugging at its strings.

With little room for error, it is almost as if the producer is a scientist constructing elements from quarks. He seems to thrive in creating a sonic world in which the ebb and flow of the track at hand rely entirely on minimalist structure and random sequencing. The title track that closes out the EP is an atmospheric, Detroit influenced capstone that serves as a testament to Search’s pedantic yet improvisational body of work; the mysterious producer is one part neurotic, two parts obsessive.

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