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Kaskade launches Kickstarter campaign to raise money for Brazil school

Kaskade is using his international influence to bring awareness to Project Favela, a free school located in Rocinha, Brazil that faces potential closure due to a cartel war. Established in 2009, Project Favela is sustained by a teaching staff comprised entirely of volunteers working as “volunteachers” from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM. The volunteachers instruct more than 50 children and 20 adults, offering Drama, Music, Civics and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) courses, while also hosting a Girls’ Empowerment Night on Friday evenings. All classes are offered free of charge to participants.

Project Favela is a cause close to Kaskade, with the producer encountering the school during his travels with his family in Brazil “years ago.” Kaskade has accordingly launched a Project Favela Kickstarter campaign to collect donations for the school as it struggles to stay open in the wake of “ongoing violence in the region,” the consequence of a cartel war that broke out on September 19. Gang skirmishes have resulted not only in structural damage to the school, but an increased difficulty in attracting new volunteachers. “The school is riddled with bullet holes and the violence has turned the volunteer recruiting upside down and dried up [Project Favela’s] revenue streams,” Kaskade writes in the Kickstarter description.

To entice fans to support the Kickstarter campaign, Kaskade has offered three pledge tiers, with each tier offering a minimum of one special merch item in exchange for a donation. Those that pledge $50 to the campaign will receive a signed hard copy of Kaskade Christmas, while those that contribute $75 will earn a signed limited edition Redux poster along with a copy of the seasonal album. Listeners that pledge $100 will receive a Kaskade Vertigo T-shirt in addition to a signed Redux poster and album copy. The funds generated by the Kickstarter will be used to financially power the school through 2018.

“The main challenge to keeping Project Favela operating is the ongoing violence in the region,” Kaskade notes, “While we cannot control that, our commitment to handling the operating costs of the school will give much needed relief to the volunteers working to keep it open.” Those that would like to support the Kickstarter campaign can make a donation here.


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