Lane 8 compiles electrifying ‘2017 Winter Mixtape’Lane 8 2017 Winter Mitape

Lane 8 compiles electrifying ‘2017 Winter Mixtape’

Lane 8 has released his winter 2017 installment of his seasonal mixtape series, enlivening even the frigid winter wind itself. The long-time Anjunadeep jewel has recently been releasing music via his own This Never Happened label, which made its debut with his own arresting deep house track “Fingerprint” just last year. With his impending Little By Little album set for release in January of 2018, the cult-like following Lane 8 has garnered over the past several years should expect to be soothed and grooved, if his recent releases, like “Atlas,” are any indication.

There is an air of overcoming and omnipotence running through this winter mixtape, urging the listener to not fall victim to the often immobilizing cold and ensuing complacence characteristic of the season. Lane 8 uses the two and a half hours to showcase some of his new music, and let the listener grow a bit more familiar with his wide-reaching tastes, implementing a house edit of Led Zeppelin‘s “Going Back to California.” The mix illuminates Lane 8’s unparalleled emblem of pensive, ethereal deep house/electronica, while also proving that he is one of the only men alive who can make a banjo sound atmospheric.

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