Loco Dice delivers five-track EP from new hip-hop and grime side project FKDFkd.jpeg

Loco Dice delivers five-track EP from new hip-hop and grime side project FKD

House and techno stalwart Loco Dice has made his extended hip-hop and grime debut. News of the exciting new venture came last month when Dice announced on Instagram he would be working with longtime friends Frizzo and Kobe Hodgson on the collaborative project, FKD.

In an effort to blur the lines and push the boundaries between electronic music, trap, hip-hop, and grime — much as regions of Europe naturally do — the three artists have joined forces with BURN energy and kicked off the new project off with an all-encompassing five-track namesake EP. FKD is searing in its commencement. On “Can’t Dead On My Watch,” the three nail the sheer force of their work together by enlisting the renowned grime MC Killa P on a blistering trap beat. Hailing from Brixton, Killa P’s revered for his unique patois style and hard lyrics.

With a breadth of production experience under his belt, German DJ Frizzo has produced huge hits of the German industry’s biggest names. Kobe Hodgson also has a sprawling production CV, as he’s worked as a producer, rapper, and songwriter who’s also featured on Dice and the grime artist Giggs’ collaboration “Get Comfy.” The three have delivered a varied production as a collective effort, highlighting a vast array of talents and rising acts in the UK hip-hop and grime scene while also hinting at the inherent cultural crossovers of their music. From grime trio YGG (aka You Get Grime), London-based Kasien, the aforementioned Warrior Recordings’ talent Killa P, to the highly-acclaimed Jacques Fugee, and FKD’s own production, FKD’s nascency is an auspicious testament to the collective cultural narratives that shape and have shaped grime since its genesis.

FKD will likely be a gift that keeps on giving, given the consolidation of their exceptional music experiences. It can’t merely be a coincidence they sign off with the track, “World Domination,” after all.


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