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Loco Dice announces new hip-hop and grime side project FKD

Loco Dice is one of dance music’s most mercurial DJs.

The house and techno maven moves across a multitude of genres with a keen sense for how sounds reflect in their respective atmospheres. After spending what seems like a lifetime honing in on his craft, moving in and out of styles, Dice has announced the creation of his very first side project, which pushes the bounds of his expansive style even further.

Having already teamed up with the revered grime artist Giggs in the past, Dice too is making a move to the genre. His cinematic view of music has taken him to his new venture, a hip-hop side project called FKD, which he’s described as “a journey from hip hop to electronic music.” Instagram he continued on Instagram with the note that FKD “is a new platform to do something different, something new.”

FKD is a new collaborative group created by Dice and longtime friends Frizzo and Kobe Hodgson. The news comes from FKD’s Instagram teasers and their work in London with grime artists YGG and Jacques Fugee.

Considering Dice’s past and grime’s limelight ascension in mainstream hip-hop, the project comes as little surprise. FKD will release its first EP on December 15.




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