Maor Levi is back with new solo single ‘Aurora’Maor Levi

Maor Levi is back with new solo single ‘Aurora’

Maor Levi is back with his first, and long-awaited, solo track release of 2017. Levi has a rich history of releasing uplifting and melodic trance tracks, which ascended him into notoriety within the electronic music scene. Recently, the Anjunabeats protégé’s releases have been put on hold due to Levi joining producer/DJ group Bad Royale.

This fall it was announced that Maor Levi was leaving Bad Royale to pursue his solo career again, and “Aurora” is definitely worthy re-entry song for the producer’s re-induction into his solo career. A mellow intro builds into upbeat progressive chords with trance synths dancing around the propelling chords. “Aurora” is an uplifting melody that is sure to heighten any listener’s mood, and it is out now via Trice Records.




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