GQ got it wrong: 10 looks that prove Marshmello is EDM’s fashion trailblazerMarshmello Horse

GQ got it wrong: 10 looks that prove Marshmello is EDM’s fashion trailblazer


GQ got it wrong: 10 looks that prove Marshmello is EDM’s fashion trailblazer

GQ might have just dubbed Marshmello as the 8th ‘Worst Dressed Man of 2017,’ but we here at Dancing Astronaut beg to differ. In fact, one might argue that Marshmello is a veritable pioneer of sorts when it comes to selecting creative and coordinated outfits.

We’ve assembled a tidy collection of ten top-notch ‘Mello looks taken from across his social media pages that show off his true fashionista side.


Words by: Grace Fleisher, David Klemow, Mike Cooper, & Christina Hernandez

Can we get an Encore?

Marshmello’s almost prom-esque tuxedo that he chose for his XS campaign begs for an “Encore” of the suit’s snappy appearance.

Patent Pending

As if it wasn’t clear enough that Marshmello is a master of serving up smooth looks…this head-to-toe patent fit will surely do the trick.

Canadian Tuxedo? No, Marshmello Tuxedo

Speaking of coordination, this cleverly-constructed white denim affair does a great job of embodying the Marshmello persona and becoming a more mod version of the “Canadian Tux” at the same time.



The masked future bass marauder makes quite the good Power Ranger, with an enhanced helmet to boot!

Hanging with fans

Marshmello, pictured left, spotted hanging out with cosplaying fans at a recent gig. The man knows how to create a cult following, that’s for sure.


Marshmello on the dark side

Vampire, or fluffy, sweet EDM purveyor? It’s hard to tell with this ghoulish getup.

Marshmello Vice

Fairest of them all, the bucketheaded producer recently caught some wind in Miami wearing stylish poolside-primed long johns like an absolute idiot.


Marshmello goes red

Marshmello trying on a slightly off brand jelly bean look. Only the most forward-thinking fashion connoisseurs can pull off a candy-infused outfit, so this enigma is the perfect one to do so.


He is the golden one

Marshmello is definitely not appropriating East Asian culture in this choice gold number.


Edgy 'Mello

Marshmello shows off his edgy (and ripped) side with this lit jacket, also in white per his signature aesthetic.


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