Your next concert could be an AI DJUnnamed

Your next concert could be an AI DJ

As virtual reality and artificial intelligence begin to infiltrate the collective consciousness of the developed world, the implications within music are beginning to become apparent. Algoriddim’s newest line of DJ software, Djay Pro 2, is officially out and available for macOS. The app allows user to use external hardware or simply mix music entirely within its realms.

Djay Pro’s fundamental components are unchanged in their 2.0 version. The app integrates with users’ Spotify premium account, allowing them to mix nearly any track available in real time. The app can also pull from a users iTunes library, and sort music by genre and mood.

Save for early adopters, the general public — and professional DJs, for that matter — are generally resistant to such wild technological innovations as DJ software that is programmed entirely within virtual reality.

Virtual reality could have tremendous implications for electronic music. The technology may redefine entirely what it means to be “behind the decks,” and while there will always be resistance to said technology, another generation will surely come along and use it to alter the musical landscape entirely.

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