Nicolas Jaar shares new track ‘Coin In Nine Hands’ ahead of deluxe ‘Sirens’ releaseNicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar shares new track ‘Coin In Nine Hands’ ahead of deluxe ‘Sirens’ release

Nicolas Jaar is releasing a deluxe edition of his 2016 album Sirens on December 8.

Ahead of the release, Jaar’s shared an unreleased track from the sessions, “Coin In Nine Hands.”

Speaking of the release on Twitter, he said, “this deluxe version of the record is what it should have been all along but i got scared of “coin” and decided against it at the last minute.. but then i started performing coin at every show… i couldn’t get it out of me..everything floats to the surface at some point..”

His revered experimentality is palpable on “Coin In Nine Hands,” particularly in the track’s commencement which implements elements of noise and post-punk. Once the number hits the three-minute mark, it opens into a more atmospheric, jazz-leaning magnum opus, swirling in an apt use of synthesizers that only an artist such as he could pull off.

Jaar has also shared a series of political articles on Twitter that he explains help outline the context of the song.

The remainder of the articles can be found on Jaar’s Twitter here.

“Coin In Nine Hands” is off the second deluxe edition of Sirens, the Chilean-American’s acclaimed studio album about Chilean history, politics, and his personal life. This deluxe version features three new tracks from the Sirens sessions. “Coin In Nine Hands” will be joined by “America / I’m For The Birds” and “Wildflowers” — which has been previously shared as an album bonus track.

The new edition of Sirens comes after the announcement that Jaar was working on an ambient album back in October. At the time, no further information has surfaced about the project, but surely the new tracks will suffice until then.

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