NMF Roundup: Tritonal shines bright, Whethan leaves a sweet aftertaste, and Camila Cabello goes grey

The most important day of every week: New Music Friday. As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed.


Tritonal shines bright with the release of his carbonated synth single “Shinin’ Bright.”

Whethan leaves a saccharine aftertaste with the release of his newest electro pop ballad “Aftertaste.”

Netflix has released the soundtrack to their biggest budget film yet in Bright, and Camila Cabello injects her vivacious pop fervor into “Crown.”

Two friends turn up the volume with their latest  bubbly, future bass inspired hit featuring Kevin Writer “Just a Kid.”

Blast from the past: HVPPY HOUR is here to incite a frenzy with the release of his remix of the Skrillex edition of “Levels.” People don’t forget.

The melodic energy that Camo & Crooked produce with their characteristic atmospheric synths and rapid fire drum lines is intangible, so get with the feeling.

SNBRN’s winter sessions mix is the perfect amalgamation of all things house, turn on the fireplace and get shakin’!

12 days of rave gets even better today because Ducky has released his set of DJ Tools, much to the delight of producers looking to hermit themselves in the studio over the holidays.



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