Post-punk outfit The Soft Moon serves up second single off new album, ‘Criminal’The Soft Moon Criminal 1508162893

Post-punk outfit The Soft Moon serves up second single off new album, ‘Criminal’

California’s post-punk staple, Luis Vasquez who records under The Soft Moon moniker, is releasing a new album next year.

Criminal, as it’s titled, is “a desperate attempt to find relief by both confessing to my wrongdoings and by blaming others for their wrongdoings that have affected me,” according to Vasquez.

The record serves as Vasquez’ brooding follow-up to his 2015 album Deeper.

Since the last work, the industrial-tinged act has relocated to Venice, Italy which leads way to an expansive imbuement of swirling guitars and foreboding factory-grade synths, matching the tortured emotions in an unequivocally eloquent fashion. Presently, The Soft Moon has dropped off two singles from the new work, leading with “Burn,” and now “It Kills.”

“It Kills” is an ardent track, brimming with searing uncomfortably, and yet, a delightfully-balanced industrial-influence that feels like an intersection of both early Nine Inch Nails and TR/ST. If the two blistering numbers serve as any indication, The Soft Moon is poised to take listeners on an intoxicating, punitive venture quite soon.

Criminal is out Feb. 2, 2018 on Sacred Bones.

Criminal Tracklist:
1. Burn
2. Choke
3. Give Something
4. Like a Father
5. The Pain
6. It Kills
7. ILL
8. Young
9. Born Into This
10. Criminal

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