Premiere: André Hommen – AbakusAndre Hommen Abakus

Premiere: André Hommen – Abakus

André Hommen has been simmering under the surface of the progressive and tech realm for nearly a decade, and now it is time for him to boil over unto the masses. Having earned recognition in the scene for his work alongside Dennis Ferrer and as a creative force behind the Objektivity label, singles like “Battery Park,” and a Boiler Room invitation, the German talent has since re-emerged onto the scene as a somewhat of a wizard when it comes with darker, more melodic shades of house and progressive.

He soon piqued Jeremy Olander‘s interest, and has since become the newest member of the growing Vivrant family. His debut, a two-tracker by the name of Abakus, serves as a formidable closer to the Swedish label’s already-bountiul year.

Its eponymous opener showcases the strength of the finished work exceptionally. Fluttery synths fall into a propulsive melody, eventually opening into a spirited riff of notes that add a punchy aspect to the finished product. To make “Abakus” futuristic in its nature, Hommen sprinkles in hints of metallic, celestial sampling that gives the brain something new to latch onto with each new listen.

Abakus comes out on December 18. Pre-order it here.




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