ProbCause releases soulful 6-track ‘Distractions’ EP, featuring collaborations with GRiZ, Chris Karns, and moreProbcause Facebook

ProbCause releases soulful 6-track ‘Distractions’ EP, featuring collaborations with GRiZ, Chris Karns, and more

Northern Chicago-native ProbCause has plunged into the world of electronic music with unique form. Armed with his genre-blending vocals, the singer/rapper brings a fresh, soulful approach to the electro-funk corners of the dance music spectrum, infusing it with off-the-cuff rap verses, socially conscious lyrics, and hip-hop/R&B appeal. It’s no wonder the vocalist has been featured on a multitude of All Good Records artists’ singles, from GRiZ to The Russ Liquid Test.

Now ProbCause has released his newest EP, dubbed Distractions, as a sort of mini-manifesto on the current historical moment. Such is usually the case with the funkier leaning genres, where artists have begun making strides towards asserting a strong social message to a politically-motivated audience. Look no further than the tracks “Crumble” and “White Lies” for this personal-is-political subtextual nature lacing ProbCause’s songwriting.

The EP features production credits from some pretty heavy-hitting dance music makers, including GRiZ, Cobrayama, and Chris Karns of Pretty Lights, to name a few. The album’s most musically-intriguing track is “All On Me,” produced by The Beat Cycle, for how it blends funk and soul with deep house elements, laying rap verses over vibrant four-to-the-floor beat work.

“‘Distractions’ is in a lot of ways a response to our current state with big media, particularly our obsession with news, social media, technology, etc. But the EP also parallels my personal life — trying to stay focused on the right things and not being distracted by toxic thoughts and people. I think most people deal with the same dance in their own life of trying to stay on track with their personal goals or aspirations, but everyone has distractions that pull their attention in different directions.”

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