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Is rap duo Rae Sremmurd switching to techno?

Most likely not, but it’s doubtful that anyone would be opposed if it did.

Slim Jxmm and Swae Lee of rap duo Rae Sremmurd recently sat down to record a new installment in Noisey’s The People Vs. series. In characteristic People Vs. fashion, the episode follows Jxmm and Lee as the Rae Sremmurd members read aloud and then respond to a series of YouTube comments. Rae Sremmurd spiritedly react to comments of both positive and negative poles, thanking the user that wrote “Cool thanks best song ever,” before answering a number of comments that accuse the rappers of comparing themselves to The Beatles.

Rae Sremmurd emphasizes that the track doesn’t set out to equate Rae Sremmurd to The Beatles, but instead embodies the concept of the “new age” rockstar. “We are not The Beatles,” Jxmm emphasizes, “we’re not comparing ourselves to The Beatles, we’re the Black Beatles, we’re rockstars — new age new generation.”

Lee chimes in to underscore Rae Sremmurd’s musical versatility: “We’re going to all genres, doing everything,” Lee states. “Next we might make some techno, you never know from Rae Sremmurd.” The joke alludes to the range of genres in which Rae Sremmurd can work, leaving an underground Rae Sremmurd release not altogether outside the realm of possibility, but unlikely for now.


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