Rinzen embarks on ‘The Return’ to the Forbidden CityRinzen Press Shot 2017 1

Rinzen embarks on ‘The Return’ to the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City beckons; for its mysterious nature is hard to shake from the psyche. In “The Return,” Rinzen brings us right back to the universe created in his debut mau5trap in the most avant-garde of fashions.

Where Forbidden City charts the adventure of a hero’s journey through a secret, hidden realm, “The Return” offers a deeper exploration of the saga that transpired beforehand. It takes on a more analog form, utilizing a heady breaks canvas that locks listeners into the record while catalyzing goosebumps with a powerful, cinematic breakdown that envelops themes visited in the first exploration of Forbidden City. If there’s one skill Rinzen has demonstrated tenfold, it’s his ability to transport the mind into completely different dimensions.

“The Return” lands on mau5trap’s We Are Friends, Vol. 7 — a full circle of sorts for the exploding LA talent. His debut on deadmau5‘ imprint, “Renegade,” was part of the 5th edition of the beloved compilation series.



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Feature photo credit: Michael Drummond


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