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Roberto dazzles with gripping new EP ‘Into The Blue’

Rob Kirkaldy, better known by his production moniker, Roberto, has released his newest EP Into The Blue. The London based techno producer is one of the underground’s most exciting contemporaries. Hailing from the UK, Kirkaldy amalgamates world influences from Dutch techno and across the pond from Detroit’s underground, synthesizing his own dialect of singular, forward thinking techno.

Kirkaldy’s pedantic production M.O. eventually led him to establish his own record label, Fossil Archive, in 2015—a move heavily motivated by an utter refusal to compromise his sound. Kirkaldy goes to great lengths to preserve the quality of his recordings: even going so far as to only press one track onto each side of a vinyl edition.

“Music is the product of many years of development; much like a fossil that can be buried deep underground for millions of years, until it is discovered,” Kirkaldy said in an interview with Data Transmission.  “I wanted to ensure the music is of the highest quality, which means not rushing things.”

The EP’s opening track ‘Into the Blue’ seduces the listener with ethereal synths and subtle drums that signify the beginning of a journey; it’s an alluring sonic entry into the unknown. From here, the album unravels into more structurally elaborate tracks.

‘Dx Waves’ is a prodding anthem full of rich, thunderous drums: an homage to the legacy of the Detroit sound. The final track on the EP, ‘Chord Recall,’ is a capstone statement reflecting Kirkaldy’s obsessive production philosophy. Here, drums take center stage, injecting a fervent sense of energy into the tracks nucleus. Like planets orbiting a massive sun, warped synths and off kilter high hats melt into the track’s gravitational core. The structural elements on ‘Chord Recall’ feed into each other generating a tangible rhythm: atmospheric highs are accented by tumultuous lows, and vice versa.

Into The Blue is a testament to the enduring spirit of the underground, and Roberto is one of its most audacious producers.

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