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San Holo releases emotive EP ‘The Trip’

As 2018 looms closer and closer, some artists have last minute surprises to satiate fans’ desires to dance all into the new year. San Holo is one such act, as Sander Van Dijck, the producer’s given name, had a tremendous breakout year in 2017. Ushering in a new wave of electronic styles, Dijck blends influences from a wide spectrum of sonic landscapes: future bass to deep house, progressive to trap.

Breakout single “Light” has garnered nearly 100 million streams on Spotify, likely a result of San Holo’s contagious big room synths, which he deploys as a stylistic focal point in his music, albeit flipping the script structurally. San Holo’s overall discography veers more towards the stylistic camp of headphone music pioneers Flume & ODESZA, but the Dutch producer still references the larger-than-life progressive sounds of the early 2010s.

San Holo’s newest concept EP — The Trip — is a bubbly addition his main catalogue. “Hi there boys and girls” exclaims a curious narrator on “trip,” the EP’s first track, “would you like to come on a wonderful trip with me?” Straight out of the gate, Dijck’s propensity to skew towards echoing sonic landscapes is forthright. Much like his major influences, San Holo creates music that maintains a balance between melodic soundscapes and the gargantuan sound that define massive festival sets.

“b song” is a departure from San Holo’s primary production M.O. Forgoing his usual festival synths in favor of an unorthodox layering of carbonated keys in a manner slightly reminiscent of Mono/Poly’s seminally constructed track”Ra Rise.”

Turning the temperature down a few notches, the aptly titled “self-love” dives deeper into Dijck’s emotive tendencies with Moby-esque keys acting as touchstones of feeling, allowing the track’s fluctuating bass to serve as a stylistic catalyst.

The project concludes on the 6 second track titled “ty” which features a short bird noise and then silence, a coy finish the EP and a bashful way for San Holo to thank his fans for helping him reach massive heights in 2017. As one of Dancing Astronaut’s Breakout Artists for 2017, he will surely follow the release with momentum moving into the new year.

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