Savoy – Up All Night ft Laura Reed [Free Download]Up All Night

Savoy – Up All Night ft Laura Reed [Free Download]

Savoy is known for their eclectic mix of rock, techno, dance and bass music, which puts a refreshing twist on electronic music in a cluttered scene. The trio, composed of producer Gray Smith, guitarist Ben Eberdt, and drummer Mike Kelly are back with a new release titled “Up All Night” featuring Laura Reed.

This track is their longest release yet, spanning nearly six minutes. An alternative electronic rock intro leads into reverberating bass chords that frame the drop, which is centered around Reed’s vocals. As the track hits minute four, synths take over the alternative rock backbone of the first half of the track. The track ends in a much more techno, electronic vibe, never leaving the listener bored with its many dimensions.

In the description on Soundcloud, Savoy writes that electronic music has been stagnant, and explains the multi-dimensional “Up All Night.”

We’ve been growing tired of the kind of stagnant arrangement in lots of songs coming out in electronic music lately. So many songs are so predictable… and we never liked predictability – especially in art and music. This is one of our longest songs we’ve ever put out, and we considered making it two separate pieces, but we ended up loving the flow from section to section and the journey that it took us on. This isn’t necessarily a banger or anything like that – just the vibe we were in at the time which was a deep, soulful exploration of lots of our influences all converged as one into something new.

The track is also available as a free download.

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