Speculation abounds Virtual Self will live stream debut performancePorterrobinson

Speculation abounds Virtual Self will live stream debut performance

The mystery that surrounds Porter Robinson‘s new moniker continues as we head into his debut performance as Virtual Self on December 8 in Brooklyn. With the release of the Virtual Self EP, Robinson introduced a few of the “virtual selves” who helped to create the compilation. The first is Technic-angel, who created “EON Break” and the second is Path Selector, who created “Ghost Voices.” The different selves fit into what fans do know about this project — that it is purportedly accompanied by a virtual reality component.

Yesterday, Virtual Self tweeted a link, and rumor has it that Robinson will live stream the performance via the website.

Interestingly, Robinson took to his personal Twitter account to announce the opening acts and set times for the performance.

While little is known about both artists, Robinson writes “if you like Virtual Self, both of these artists REALLY deserve your attention. the DV-i “Research + Development” EP is mind bendingly good. RAITO has mastered the ravey breaks vibe but brought it into 2017. just listen to both and you’ll definitely get it.”

There are certainly still a plethora of questions fans have about Virtual Self, however only answers are to come with Robinson’s debut performance tomorrow.

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