Spotify breaks down your listening habits over the last year91tYlwNL

Spotify breaks down your listening habits over the last year

Spotify has officially released its Your 2017 Wrapped feature. By tracking listening habits over the year, the Swedish streaming giant provides users with a year in review to sum up their most listened to artists and genres throughout the year.

The feature farms data throughout the year to generate a list of listener’s top 100 streamed songs, and also provides a convenient virtual infographic detailing genre preferences, minutes listened, demographics, and even the amount of times listeners skipped tracks. Spotify also gives users a short quiz based on listening preferences to determine musical self awareness: Did you know that Bassnectar was your top streamed artist of 2017? How many minutes did you listen to music throughout the year? What is your most listened to genre? If you know the answers to these questions, you might be considered musically self aware.

All of these features can be accessed by visiting the service here and logging in with your Spotify account.

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