Spotify is testing a ‘like/dislike’ feature for its Discover Weekly playlists

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist could soon account for user preference.

Discover Weekly relies on an algorithm to compile a list of songs that would likely appeal to the listener, given the Spotify user’s listening history. The playlist refreshes each Monday, routinely offering new recommendations for streamers.

The playlist’s weekly renewal is favorable for the Spotify users that find their Discover Weekly collection to be irreflective of their tastes, but if Spotify moves ahead with its latest trial feature, listeners will be able to have more input in the formation of their Discover Weekly playlist. Spotify is accordingly testing a like/dislike feature to be used in conjunction with Discover Weekly. The like/dislike function is comparable to that of Spotify’s Daily Mix, which allows users to up-vote or down-vote a track, effectively reshaping the algorithm used to create the mix via vote. To like a song, Spotify users need only to click the heart button representative of “like.” To dislike a track, users can click the blocked sign button, indicating that one does not like the tune.

Spotify is testing a ‘like/dislike’ feature for its Discover Weekly playlistsScreen Shot 2017 12 04 At 10.12.15 AM

The like/dislike button for the Discover Weekly playlist currently appears to be randomly distributed among Spotify accounts, as some patrons of the streaming service have reported that they do not in fact have the ability to like or dislike songs from the weekly compilation. Spotify has not announced when the feature will become uniformly applied across Spotify accounts.

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