“What are we tappin’?” Dillon Francis guest hosts mobile trivia game show HQDillon Francis Guest Host Hq

“What are we tappin’?” Dillon Francis guest hosts mobile trivia game show HQ

Thousands of people are catching on to HQ, a new mobile trivia game show created by one of the founders of Vine that’s being played live all across the country by users looking to win daily cash prizes. The object of the game is simple: tune in twice a day and answer 12 trivia questions ranging in difficulty. When a player answers a question incorrectly, they are disqualified from that game. Each day, hundreds of thousands of players tune in, and by the twelfth round, usually only a handful remain and all split a cash prize. Though the game is usually hosted by comedian Scott Rogowsky, the emcee took a rare and much-deserved breather, tapping EDM’s favorite wisecracker Dillon Francis for guest-hosting duties. And bless his heart, Francis semi-successfully does Rogowsky justice. Though he got off to a rocky start due to teleprompter issues, Francis redeemed himself by laughing it off, as he always does.

Obligatory EDM questions like “what is Joel Zimmerman’s stage name?” and “what classical technique most closely matches techno in beats per minute?” respectively knocked off more than 250,000 players combined. An equally obligatory Diplo shout-out and Francis calling for more air horns made it a memorable round of HQ. As the game quickly becomes an overnight sensation, perhaps a few more of our favorite DJs will crop up in Rogowsky’s place soon.

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