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Thom Yorke still hates Spotify

Radiohead frontman and rock experimentalist Thom Yorke has been a long time critic of Spotify, so many were taken aback when Radiohead’s entire discography arrived on the platform last year, with Yorke’s solo catalogue quick to follow in December 2017. Considering the rock auteur’s decision to permit Radiohead’s music on Spotify, fans were a bit shocked when Yorke cosigned a tweet from Portishead’s Geoff Barrow lambasting the streaming service’s supposedly unfair compensation rates for musicians.

“Ok quick question for musicians… How many of you have personally made more than £500 from Spotify?” inquired Barrow in the tweet, to which Yorke outlinked “i refer you, ladies and gentlemen, to the comments below …. without further comment.”

Billboard reports that digital streaming revenue accounts for $2.5 billion, more than 62 percent of the entire industry value. Despite this, artists like Yorke have still been extremely with complaints regarding streaming service’s payouts to artists.



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