Twitch is launching their own reality showTwitch Stream On

Twitch is launching their own reality show

Reality shows are not just for Bravo and E!. In 2018, an American-Idol esque reality show is coming to online streaming platform Twitch. The show will be called Stream On, and it will feature an American Idol-esque competition where aspiring streamers battle it out to become the next famous streamer on the platform. There will be up to 14 broadcasters selected for Stream On, and they will be competing for $60,000 that will be paid out in 12 $5000 monthly installments. Other competitors who are eliminated will receive weekly prizes for their participation.

Twitch described the upcoming show saying “contestants will face challenges designed to test important streamer skills, and be evaluated by a panel of Twitch judges.” Audience commentary will also play an integral part in the decision making for the judges (who have yet to be announced). The platform currently has a partner revenue sharing program, where there are 25,000 creators Twitch will choose from. The goal of the show is to take a streamer who is on the cusp of being able to make streaming a full time profession, and allow them to do so.

In the world of electronic music, Deadmau5 is one producer known for utilizing the platform. He recently raised $15,000 for a children’s charity from one stream.The potential to be an influencer is enormous on Twitch, so may the best aspiring streamer win. Those who are looking to enter can apply here.


h/t The Verge ; Variety

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