Tyler, the Creator says he’s ‘making a pop album’Tyler The Creator New

Tyler, the Creator says he’s ‘making a pop album’

When Tyler, the Creator released Flower Boy earlier this year it was clear that the controversial, former “Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All” chief had turned inward. He created a body of art that surmounted all previous endeavors, which serves as his most introspective album to date.

In retrospect, Flower Boy is a candid representation of Tyler, the Creator’s growth— as both an artist and individual, which is surely something many artists hope to achieve. At times, Flower Boy feels far removed from the radical, youthful Tyler fans once knew, only for tracks like “See You Again” or “I Ain’t Got Time” to suggest his “thrash or be thrashed” spirit remains intact. Flower Boy is an incredibly self-aware and intentional record and a not insignificant departure from an artist who once defined himself with an aberrant use of profanities, country-wide travel bans, and hate speech—ironic or not.

As artists mature, they hope to evolve, and resist sonic stagnancy in the interim. Look to the differences between the Kanye West circa 808s & Heartbreak and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, for example. Sure, West had grown as an individual, and endured the passing of his mother in the time between,  but his move to pop redefined what it meant to be a “hip-hop” artist in the 21st century. In the aftermath of West’s exploration, many rappers have welcomed pop too, and like West, Tyler may also have plans to alter his sound. Considering his propensity for vibrant chord progressions and lighter, pop-friendly notes on his latest work, it’s not entirely Earth-rattling to consider he may be making a move to pop music.

Just this week, he hinted the stylistic transition may even be happening as we speak. He’s switched his Twitter bio from “november is over” to “im making a pop album.”

Tyler, the Creator says he’s ‘making a pop album’Tyler The Creator Twitter Bio Pop Album Tweet

Certainly, Tyler may very well be pointing to the ambiguous nature of modern pop. In more recent years the shift of hip-hop to pop has even been seen from the once heavy-hitters like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. With Tyler being an infamous internet troll, this poking fun wouldn’t entirely be out of the ordinary, but we’ll still wait up for that album anyways.

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