Your Paradise 2017: Photos from the world’s most remote music experience

Your Paradise: A Fijian Music Experience

Welcome to Your Paradise. The world’s most remote music experience. Now in its 4th year, the first festival of its kind in Fiji is also quite possibly the best destination music experience in the world. Its the crowd, a small group of only 600 travelers, and obviously the location that make it so special. It’s a summer camp in paradise, helmed by a lineup that spans genres but is never short on good vibes.

You’ll spend your morning relaxing with postcard-worthy views in every direction. Surfing, snorkeling, skydiving, paddleboarding, kayaking, volleyball and even golf are all available if you’re interested. If not; clear blue skies, crystalline water, and frozen drinks are plentiful. Not to mention rubbing elbows with your favorite DJs at any number of Your Paradise’s pop up DJ booths, over-the-top boat cruises, sinking sandbars, floating parties, and nightly throw downs that last until sunrise.

All photos courtesy of MY Media Sydney