Alice Glass releases evocative lo-fi video for ‘Forgiveness’ [Watch]Screen Shot 2017 10 31 At 11.02.22 PM

Alice Glass releases evocative lo-fi video for ‘Forgiveness’ [Watch]

Alice Glass‘ latest music video adopts a gritty goth-meets-horror aesthetic, the Lindsey Mann directed product a visual accompaniment “Forgiveness,” a track off of Glass’ self-titled EP released back in 2017.

Shot in a dimly lit, grainy lo-fi style, the video flirts with the disconcerting as Glass writes the song’s lyrics in lipstick on various mirrors, the camera cutting to shots of a figure submerged in water and a stuffed bear as Glass copies the words onto the surfaces.

“The song is about rejecting the idea of forgiveness,” Glass stated of the track, “Forgiveness isn’t always a moral act, the way some religions portray it. Sometimes forgiveness can be exploitative or even predatory, especially when people use it as a means to guilt someone rather than [to] heal them. When forgiveness is used to create a false sense of superiority it is a toxic act.”

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