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Bargain, charity shops benefiting from increase in vinyl sales

Record shops are not the only locations to witness hordes of music fans rifle through rows of vinyl of late.

As vinyl sales continue to rise, charity shops are prospering alongside storefronts dedicated specifically to vinyl merchandise, as evidenced by an Oxfam music store located on Byrnes Road in Glasglow, Scotland. The store reaped a profit of £100,000 in 2017, a figure that surpassed the yearly earnings of each of the other Oxfam outlet shops in the UK, the store attributing the staggering sum to its sale primarily of records, but also of cassettes, CDs, and other instruments.

A “bargain shop” by design, the Oxfam music store’s prosperity in 2017 is comparable to that of an independent record shop, thanks to its stock of records that tempt patron perusal. Store manager Andrew McWhinnie notes that the designation of “bargain shop” does not bespeak a monumental difference in store structure from that of an independent shop when it comes to Oxfam, remarking “We have tried to do what the independent shops do. Instead of it being just a bargain shop, we have tried to categorise the music and try to make it as fun as we can for people to go through.” The Oxfam location’s aim to carefully organize the music to recreate a record store shopping experience has indeed paid off.

H/T: Mixmag

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