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Bassnectar responds to fans’ complaints about Atlanta New Year’s Eve show

For more than 21,000 people, New Year’s Eve plans included hundreds of watts of bass, and at the center of the 808, Bassnectar. The sold out event attracted a massive crowd to Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, where Nectar fans from near and far convened to catch the electronic expert’s set, the bridge between 2017 and the new year. Despite Bassnectar’s presentation of a set exceeding two-hours in length, some fans felt that they’d encountered a pit in the “Peach State.”

Although billed as the Bassnectar camp’s “most special event to date” by the event’s marketing team, fans lamented long lines to enter the venue, an alleged lack of organization regarding water station arrangement, set lists, the aggressive behavior of fellow fans, and overcrowded medical tents. “In the medical tent, I had never seen so many people seizuring and acting in manners that led me to fear that they were knocking on death’s door,” writes RedPilledRanger on r/bassnectar. “The crowd was rude, the lines were sh*t, we didn’t get much Bassnectar music, and drugs f*cked people up again,” wrote LeftyBackhands.

Bassnectar and his team have since responded to the Internet supported outrage regarding the New Year’s Eve event, inviting attendees to send “constructive” feedback that could be pivotal in the production of future Bassnectar branded events to The statement acknowledges and deems the long entry lines as problematic, but suggests this was a “reality check for all events in the future.”

“There will be thorough security checks everywhere,” the Bassnectar camp writes, citing national shootings as a catalyst in the institution of extended security procedures. The message additionally elaborates on complaints surrounding water stations and general health and safety conduct.

The full message features a note from Bassnectar himself, the artist thanking attendees and promising “as short of lines as possible” at his Spring Gathering in Chicago in March.

A message from the Bassnectar Team: from bassnectar

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